Q. How much mulch do I need?
A. Measure the length and width of all the areas that you need to arrive at a total square footage.  Then, use the mulch calculator on our web site to determine the volume you need.

Q. Is your mulch treated?
A. No, we do not treat our mulches with any chemicals (though the color-enhanced ones are dyed). They are all organic. In very dry weather we recommend that when you water your plants also water down your mulch. This will help there not be a fire hazard and it also helps hold moisture in for your plants well being.

Q. What’s the best kind of mulch to use?
A. The type of mulch you use depends on your application. Courser mulch does well in large areas and around large trees and on hillsides. A medium to fine mulch works well around shrubs and flowers. Wood mulches make good paths and playground material as well as dog runs. We would be glad to assist you in picking out a mulch that is right for your application.